Take your clients – and your studio – to the next level with Galileo training.

Regardless of the focus of your movement studio – whether catering to youth or seniors, beginners or experts, offering Pilates, Yoga, myofascial release, or other specialized equipment training – Galileo training is your key to expanding both your capabilities and client base.

Fast, safe results from the leader in neuromuscular vibration.

Galileo pioneered side-alternating whole-body vibration (WBV) in the fitness and medical fields. Today, a growing number of movement studios across North America are offering Galileo training to complement their other training methods – benefitting their clients and their bottom line.

Galileo offers a family of evidence-based devices to fit the size, budget and clientele of virtually every movement studio. Using the proven effectiveness of neuroplasticity and high-repetition exercise, Galileo training increases the efficiency of the client’s neuromuscular system, accelerating muscular performance, refining body composition and elevating movement patterns.

Fulfilling our mission of improving movement.

From our early breakthroughs in WBV to our leading-edge training tools for elite athletes, Galileo has innovated our unique side-alternating mechano-stimulation technology to precisely connect the brain and body for optimum movement potential. This neuromuscular connection creates muscle memory that automatically builds muscle, even in cases when the brain might be unable to activate these muscles. As a result, it’s quite common for clients’ bodies to feel “more alive,” lighter and energized in minutes.

No wonder Galileo plates are being welcomed into today’s modern movement studios, bringing the benefits of WBV to clients seeking to boost strength, balance and coordination, or overcome barriers to movement. All in small-but-powerful systems that easily adapt to meet individual client needs.

Better training, faster results.

Galileo vibration technology triggers rapid, reflexive contractions throughout the full muscle chain, resulting in efficient, highly effective training in a very short amount of time. Clients can prime the body in just 5-10 minutes of Galileo training as part of an overall training session, or use Galileo training for the whole session for arms and bodywork!

Simply position your client on the Galileo plate so the vibrations will drive reflexive muscle contractions in the area being focused on. Then set the desired vibration frequency and lead the client through the appropriate range-of-motion exercises, ultimately integrating them into whole-body movements. Because muscle contractions drive muscle memory, the body remembers its increased ranges of motion and integrates them into its regular movement patterns.

Good results are good for business.

By bringing Galileo training into your movement studio, you can capitalize on the quality, reputation, performance and outcomes that have long been associated with Galileo’s proven technology. You can help clients receive better and faster gains which will grow your business. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your clients have access to today’s most effective movement training technology.


Domini Anne, Master Trainer

Multidisciplinary movement teacher, trainer, bodyworker and founding Galileo WBV Master Trainer

“I love how my Galileo S35 delivers powerful results with short, simple training sessions. Its small footprint provides strong results in full-body training and it complements my practice in Gyrotronic/Gyrokinesis, ELDOA, aerial yoga, core breathwork, somatics, craniosacral and visceral manipulation.

“I’ve found Galileo’s mechano-stimulation to be incredibly effective. The technology basically does the work for me, changing movement patterns, guided by imagery and customized training environments.

“Galileos are my go-to devices because they are proven safe with evidence-based studies, have advanced features like wobble variation and feel smooth in the body. I love that they make training accessible to everyone from children to seniors. My clients rave that Galileo devices quickly feel familiar – even for those who have never used a device to assist with training. I believe this is because of Galileo’s precise, full-muscle-chain activation and side-alternating movement, in which standing mimics walking. That’s familiar, instinctive and natural to all human bodies.

“Galileo devices are unparalleled for building intelligent muscular strength and retraining muscle memory. It’s changed my life and my clients’ lives in ways I never could have imagined. With Galileo training, you can unwind, stretch, become more flexible, build power and work on recovery or relaxation.”

“In many cases, the exercise prescription given to people in physical decline is ‘Strength training with the goal of building muscle.’ However, people who are deconditioned or have injuries or diseases are not able to put their muscle fibers under the kind of stress required to build muscle tissue. Galileo’s full line of plates, tilt tables, dumbbells and chairs can achieve the results of regular ‘strength training’ without the stress it places on the body.”

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“To have a tool for building strength at any level of physical condition, no matter how weak, is a game-changer!”

“From pain relief to recovery from old injuries to improved balance, my clients are feeling real results with Galileo – and continuing to feel their training days later when doing other workouts or going through their daily routine.”

Suzanne Corridan Willerth, Musclespazm Studios, Ventura, California

Worth Knowing Infographics

Galileo Mechano-Stimulation Training

Research Infographics of Independent Peer-Reviewed Studies on Galileo Side-Alternating Whole Body Vibration (mechano-stimulation)

  • 450+ independent peer-reviewed publications, 48 with children
  • Over 23 years listed in PubMed starting with the work of Bosco in 1998
    Galileo is the most researched whole body vibration training device
  • Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.

Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.