Science-backed training in 5 key areas…
all in one platform, all at home.

Supported by over 450 independent, peer-reviewed and published studies, Galileo vibration training efficiently improves power, strength, flexibility, speed and balance. But for many, the biggest benefit is having this revolutionary platform available in the comfort and convenience of home.

Maximum results in minimal time

With Galileo whole-body vibration technology, you can simultaneously train for power, strength, flexibility, speed and balance without exhausting your body or your schedule.

Learning or relearning a movement pattern requires hundreds of thousands of repetitions, which is tiring, time-consuming and can lead to injury with traditional weight training. Galileo vibration training accelerates this process, enabling you to achieve the same muscle-building contractions more rapidly, safely and efficiently – and in a fraction of the time. You can sustain positive long-term effects on your muscles and bones in as little as 10 minutes per session, two to three times per week.

The gentle, but thorough, workout

The science behind Galileo training is inspired by the principle of natural walking. The platform’s side-alternating vibration pattern causes the pelvis to mimic the motion of walking, but much more rapidly. To compensate, the body reacts with alternating, reflex-controlled muscle contractions that are practically effortless on your part, but which activate muscles throughout your entire body.

The result is a gentle workout that’s easy on your joints and cardiovascular system, yet delivers all the benefits of an intense workout: strength training, improved circulation, increased metabolism and more. In fact, Galileo makes it possible to fine-tune the intensity of your workout by adjusting the vibration frequency to suit your preferences and training goals.

How does it work?

While Galileo devices reflect the state of the art in mechano-stimulation science, all of our research and technology works together based on a single, very simple principle: natural walking movement. When you stand on the Galileo platform, its side-alternating movement pattern produces a stepping motion which, in turn, causes the pelvis to tilt back and forth as it does when walking, but more rapidly. To compensate for this, the body reacts with automatic, rhythmic, reflex-controlled muscle contractions over 12 Hz, alternating between the left and right side of the body.

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Since these muscle contractions are reflex-controlled, the child is not consciously activating the muscles. The contractions are triggered via the stretch reflex directly through the spinal cord when standing to mimic walking. Galileo devices are engineered to stimulate that same response through the nervous system automatically, and in a much more comfortable, organized way, literally causing the full muscle chain to contract and relax in the same pattern used for walking.

Galileo devices equipped with wobble variation allow gains to be even further accelerated. Since muscles adapt to continuous stimuli, wobble variation helps muscles “learn” more efficiently and effectively by altering neuromotor responses. Adding wobble variation to Galileo vibration therapy is shown to improve balance, coordination, range-of-motion and functional movement activities.

Pioneering technology, perfected

Galileo pioneered the science of whole-body vibration training, perfecting it into a home workout that leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and lighter on your feet. While there are less expensive, less capable platforms on the market, none compare to the quality, performance, results or value of Galileo.

“Galileo is safe, it’s quick, it’s simple to use and it gives you results. The benefits are incredible.”

Patrick Rummerfield
“I am not defeated by my MS. My Galileo is my secret weapon in the war for my life. My Galileo training is improving my function faster than the disease is progressing which means Galileo is the first tool that has helped me improve my quality of life.”
Cari Goldman, GIA, GC, AJP

“Galileo had really helped me with my core strength, and I’m much stronger overall.”

Megan Burns


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Worth Knowing Infographics

Galileo Mechano-Stimulation Training

Research Infographics of Independent Peer-Reviewed Studies on Galileo Side-Alternating Whole Body Vibration (mechano-stimulation)

  • 450+ independent peer-reviewed publications, 48 with children
  • Over 23 years listed in PubMed starting with the work of Bosco in 1998
    Galileo is the most researched whole body vibration training device
  • Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.

Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.