A small investment that pays big dividends
in employee health, safety & productivity

In every business and industry, the modern workplace represents a serious health risk for many employees. Stress, tension, physical inactivity – these and other factors are contributing to rising absenteeism and declining productivity. In response, many employers are providing fitness options at the workplace as a means of helping employees release stress and improve their health and well-being.

And a growing number of these forward-thinking employers are making sure their workplace includes one or more Galileo platforms.

Fast & efficient – a good fit for your workplace

Galileo platforms provide whole-body vibration therapy – a uniquely effective means of producing very rapid, reflexive muscle contractions that exercise the entire muscle chain. Since the muscles are activated reflexively, the contractions are made much more rapidly than if made voluntarily, for a deep and efficient workout in just a matter of minutes.

Small in size, big in simplicity & impact

Unlike weight machines, treadmills and similar fitness gear, Galileo platforms have a small footprint, making them easy to place in employee-convenient locations. They require very little instruction or learning curve. And most importantly, Galileo platforms provide a safe, effective way to relieve stress, soothe tense muscles or get a good workout – all in as little as 5-10 minutes!

The right training for almost every body

Galileo training is ideal for employees on the production line (performing repetitive tasks or demanding activities) as well as those in more sedentary positions. The platforms can be custom-programmed to focus on relaxing or strengthening the back or leg muscles, increasing blood flow and improving overall fitness. And because 5-10 minutes is all it takes for an employee to become energized for the workday, Galileo can be used daily by many workers.

If space is a concern, establish small “training islands” where Galileo training can be available near your employees’ workstations. Add Galileo training to your existing fitness room, and control/monitor employee access with individual data-encoded cards or simply by controlling access to the device itself.

Save time, money and manpower with Galileo

Fitness is essential to your employees’ well-being. The better they feel, the better they perform – and the more your bottom line benefits. Join the growing number of businesses bringing Galileo training into the workplace, and invest 5-10 minutes a day in your employees’ fitness.


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Worth Knowing Infographics

Galileo Mechano-Stimulation Training

Research Infographics of Independent Peer-Reviewed Studies on Galileo Side-Alternating Whole Body Vibration (mechano-stimulation)

  • 450+ independent peer-reviewed publications, 48 with children
  • Over 23 years listed in PubMed starting with the work of Bosco in 1998
    Galileo is the most researched whole body vibration training device
  • Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.

Other companies may refer to this research and literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another.