No other brand is backed by more research.
No other brand lives up to Galileo.

Only Galileo is supported by over 450 independent, peer-reviewed studies.
The findings don’t apply to other brands.

Solid, scientific, evidence-based research is important when developing whole body vibration (WBV) technologies. Since Galileo pioneered the field, more research has been done on Galileo WBV products than any other brand – over 450 independent, peer-reviewed studies, including 48 focused on children.

When these studies are used by other brands to claim the same outcomes, remember: the research applies only to Galileo.

We’re incredibly proud of the proven performance and outcomes of Galileo WBV products. But results from Galileo equipment are not applicable to other manufacturers’ product lines. We understand why they want to claim the same studies, but remember: there’s only one Galileo.

  • Galileo is the most-researched manufacturer in WBV
  • 450+ independent peer-reviewed publications, 48 with children
  • Over 26 years listed in PubMed starting with the work of Bosco in 1998

Research Infographics:
Galileo Mechano-Stimulation Training