Galileo Vibration Therapy and Neurological Recovery

Galileo Therapy is an important element complimenting other rehab modalities accelerating improvement in muscle power and muscle strength. Side-to-side vibration provides unique advantages that other tools cannot with:

Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS using technology to scientifically maximize human potential is based in Tampa, FL and on this video shows us the EMG muscle activity while training on Galileo vibration plate

  • High repetition rate in a short period of time resulting in improvement of (force), power and balance by engaging simultaneously small and large antagonistic muscles. At 25 Hertz you receive 4500 contraction cycles in 3 minutes the equivalent of 4500 steps
  • Higher therapy effect of the afferent and efferent systems than other conventional training devices.
  • Efficient therapy in a very short time (15-20 minutes) influencing high compliance
  • Low metabolic rate with little stress on the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs)
  • Safe US Class 1 FDA device since 2002 and in Europe Class 2a with no adverse or negative effects in published clinical studies from 1998 to 2013. Cologne Children’s Rehab Hospital in Germany has used Galileo daily home treatment without any severe adverse effects since 2002