Game, Set, Match

Cari Goldman led an active lifestyle while pursuing her passion of designing custom jewelry, ultimately earning a graduate degree in gemology. It wasn’t uncommon to find her in New York’s jewelry and fashion districts in the morning and on the tennis courts in the afternoon. But Cari’s active world was shaken to its core at age 30 when she was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

For the next eight years, Cari worked with doctors and physical therapists across the United States and around the world, searching for treatments to slow her pain, stiffness and swelling. Often, this once-active woman was unable to stand upright for more than a few minutes. Walking was a painful affair with a slow, stiff gait.

Cari had almost resigned herself to a bleak future defined by her degenerative disease. But at age 38, her research brought her to the Galileo. The recovery begins….

Cari’s Secret Weapon

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