Bucket List #43

What a surprise from my daughters, nieces, brother and sister-in-law when they said we were going to achieve #43 on my bucket list to be the first fully functional quadraplegic to climb Rabbit Ears Peak, CO. Rabbit Ears Peak is a very recognizable and well-known summit in northwestern Colorado. The remnants of an old volcanic plug, the peak resembles less of its namesake than in the past due to gradual erosion. Several years ago portions of the east tower fell causing the peak to look even less like rabbit ears.

That said, the peak is still very distinct and is a very popular destination in the area. Easy access and an adventuresome hike also contribute to the popularity. Visiting the base of the summit of Rabbit Ears Peak provides an excellent day hike. The peak is located in the Routt National Forest

This has been a item on my bucket list that we have discussed for the past seven years. It was about an hour and a half drive up and over and through the woods to Rabbit Ears Pass. To hike Rabbit Ears, named for its twin rock pillars visible from the highway, begins as a casual march through a spectacular flower land with forging rushing snow run off streams. Even at the lower Rabbit Ears Pass with an elevation of 9000 plus feet your breathing is harder and your footing is very often unsure on such a steep grade. For some hikers, the last half to quarter mile to the “ears” poses a huge challenge. The granite gravel (like marbles) laying on an extremely steep grade causes footing to be very loose and dangerous. The final summit pitch is rated 4th class and might not be for a clumsy uncoordinated person like me. However, onward and upward and it took me 95 minutes to cover the three miles and get to the top. Even though I no longer possess the agility of a big jungle cat, I must say it was a fun heart pounding rock scramble and the views from the 10,657 foot peak are breath taking.

Lesson Learned:

I’m out of shape for this type of adventure…heck I’m just down right fat….I need to work harder on all aspect of my total physical fitness. If I’m going to continue participating in what life has to offer for all of us…..then I must be better prepared. I need to work at getting in better shape and staying there….Kilimanjaro (another bucket list location) is on the horizon!

On a very positive note my Galileo Vibration Therapy is really paying off! As some of you may not know, I started Galileo-Training four months ago in March to prepare for the Kilimanjaro event. I’ve been using a Galileo Platform and Galileo Mano Dumbbell and the training has helped me in a number of areas. My hand strength (needed to grip the hiking sticks) has greatly improved from the dumbbell as well as my drop-foot along with my quads and hamstrings which, performed exceptional well. I’m really onto a magnificent tool with the Galileo!